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Gotta Start Somewhere, Right?

27 is fast approaching, like the asshole that it is, which means its almost a new year for me. Time to self-reflect, be self critical, and progress. It has been decided that the following things MUST happen in my 27th year:

+Drink more champagne, and swear less. (or at least learn to be really good at swearing under my breath)

+Try to love fitness half as much as my husband does, and eat whatever I want when I want.

+Read more books, and travel often.

+Commit to something. Anything. But only for myself.

The last bullet on the list is where this blog comes in. My new lifestyle finds me in a very unique position as a 26 (holding on to this number for as many days as I can) year old , recently married, unemployed, college graduate, living in a different country. I realized I’m blessed with time and space to dedicate myself to writing, creating, and discovering new things that feed my soul. This blog gives a sense of purpose, and the excitement of creativity — which I thought I had to leave behind in my old life.

So follow along during this year of growth, and don’t be mad at me when the working out and cleaning up my mouth doesn’t happen.

Bring it on 27.

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