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My name is Meagan. I’m 29 or 24, depending on who you’re talking to, and I love all things HOME. I’ve worked in the interior design, wedding, and hospitality industries. A combination of these things is what makes me most happy.

I married a guy who’s the cats-meow, and we’re currently living in Germany while he pursues his professional basketball dream. Over the last eight years, we’ve lived in five different countries. We welcomed our first little boy last December, and oh man, being a Mom is the real deal.

 During the offseason, you can find me cowgirling & drinking too much red wine, surrounded by our wonderful friends and family back in California & Arizona.

Boots & Bull was created for me to have something I can take wherever we end up next. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this very beautiful ride, abroad.

Photo: Alyssa Martens Photography