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New Year, Same Ol’ Me.

After spending almost an entire month back in California, my body and brain feel slow. I’m not sure if it was the endless flow of California cabernet, or the delirious laughter sitting by the fire with my family, but either way I loved every moment of it. It was nice to have my world slow down a bit. Having said that, we’re back in France and I need my brain and body to catch back up.

With my face and thighs looking slightly more plump than when I left — I don’t regret a single piece of cheese or glass of wine I consumed — its time to get back on track. My husband and I are finally planning our honeymoon, which has helped stay motivated (side note, we started 3 days ago). See below our 30-day meal plan + my workout plan … I hoping this lasts longer than 30-days, I’m needing to look flossy in those honeymoon pictures:


Meal Plan copy

The key for me to stick to a meal plan is to make small, subtle, yet effective changes. This meal plan is filled with protein, limits bread and completely cuts out all pastas and alcohol. After 30 days, and hopefully some shaving down of the roundness of my face, I’ll reintroduce red wine to dinner — because wine is life, duh.

Throughout the day I’m constantly refilling my water bottle. I’ve been doing a little research, and found that you should drink between 1/2 an ounce and a full ounce of water for each pound you weigh (depending on how much you sweat.. sweat more, drink more). Drinking more water keeps my metabolism going, and also is HUGE in keeping my face clear. Not looking like a 15 year old going through puberty is enough to keep me hustling to the Brita to fill my bottle.

Of course the meals listed are switched up — a gal can’t eat salmon and oatmeal for 30 days — but you get the point: lean proteins, limited bread, and eating small snacks in between meals is key.

Diet is huge when trying to lift your hind-end a few inches north, but unfortunately working out is also necessary. Again, extreme change has never worked for me, so no, I won’t be joining a crossfit gym and recording PR’s anytime soon. However, 45 minute home workouts 4 days a week have become a part of my routine. Being a person who despises working out, and having a husband as a professional athlete is like dating a Victoria’s Secret model. He doesn’t have to say much to help motivate me to do a few extra squats each day. His chiseled buns sometimes make me feel like a contestant on Biggest Loser, so I plan on staring at those every time I’m thinking about skipping my workout. After my workout, I have 20 minutes to consume a protein shake, so I make the following for myself — trust me, I don’t waste time eating or drinking things I don’t like, so this shake is tasty:

Protein Shake Recipe copy

The key with this protein shake is to consume quickly, while the frozen blueberries are still cold.

Subtle change in diet, 4 home workout outs a week, and 2 mile power walks daily with the pup is my plan for toning and firming my lower half prior to bikini season. I firmly believe that everyone has their own perception of beauty, and for myself, I prefer to keep a less muscular, more feminine shape — “you do you, boo boo” is a motto I choose to live by. Like I said before, extreme change to diet and exercise haven’t ever worked for me — plus there is nothing more annoying than a person preaching to you about being vegan, paleo, gluten free, and a regular down at the ol’ crossfit gym. I need one more person telling me about their extreme lifestyle for the new year, like I need a bullet in my head. Having said that, I won’t bring up my 30-day diet plan to you again — unless it fails miserably and I gain weight and look like a cabbage patch kid. In that case, I’ll simply warn you to never listen to me regarding diet again.


Happy New Year ya’ll, and remember: you do you, boo boo.



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