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Adult Stockings: these are whats up.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we’ve officially moved into the most magical time of year: CHRISTMAS! For most of us, that means colder weather, cozier pajamas, more lattes, and spiked egg-nog in the evenings with family and friends. Thinking about these things gets me giddy — and reminds me, I could use a warm latte right about now.

My family has been all about Adult Stockings, for as long as I’ve been an adult — and by adult I mean legally an adult, 18… I’m not sure my dad recognizes me as an actual adult and I’m 27. They aren’t traditional stockings mostly because there isn’t an actual stocking involved. Instead, the stocking is part of the gift. In the past we’ve gotten backpacks, luggage, purses (for the gals), etc. The vessel that holds all the smaller gifts is your stocking.

For this post, I think we should focus more on shopping and less on words. See below for some fabulous Adult Stocking ideas:

Ladies Adult Stocking

Carry On Suitcase

Luggage Tag

Pocket Umbrella

Marble Phone Case


Portable Charger


Mud Mask

Makeup Brush Set


Bling Brush

Can’t forget the guys:

The Fellas Stocking

Rolling Suitcase

Luggage Tag

Leather Cell Phone Case

Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Charger

V-Neck Tee’s

Boxer Briefs

Fleur-de-lis Socks

Naval Striped Socks

Houndstooth Socks


Ps. Most of these items are on sale at Nordstrom & J.Crew right meow. I know this because I started Christmas-Elfing for my husbands stocking last night.

Happy Shopping!

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