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Bud Vases: a valid excuse to hoard

The season is approaching where you’ll likely have visitors in your home for an extended stay. THE HOLIDAYS. I love the holidays, and I love entertaining people in our home. As I’ve said before, we are living in a temporary home that was furnished with the basics before we arrived in France. Pretty much anything we buy for our home here will be left behind when we head back to the States in May. It’s incredibly hard to justify spending money on things that are only ours for less than a year — very depressing — so I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of simple inexpensive ways to elevate our temporary space.

Bud vases: I’ve been known to hoard them. They are may favorite (inexpensive) way to elevate a room. There is nothing sweeter than taking a hideous mixed bouquet, breaking it down and stealing the best flowers for unique bud vases, scattered around your home.

Over here I’ve been finding them at flea markets, and I do that back in the States also — great way to keep the cost extremely low, and have an eclectic collection. If you aren’t the kind to mix old with new, these three bud vases are perfect to throw anywhere in your home:

Bud Vases_10.21.15 final



Joyce Bud Vase by CB2($2.95)

Vidalia Bud Vase by Jonathan Adler ($28)

Bezel Bud Vase by Waterford  ($29)

The beauty of bud vases is that you only need to use one or two stems to have a big effect. Be sure to pay attention to scale though, wherever you place these beauties. Bathrooms, bedside tables, coffee tables … they’re are versatile. Because they’re so versatile, its OK if you want to hoard them. At least thats what I tell myself, and my husband. Happy hunting!

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